White vs. Ivory

White vs. Ivory wedding colour contest.


Every season brings new favorite colours, various hues fall in and out of trends, making the couples to puzzle over wedding palettes. But the colour without which we cannot imagine the nuptials is, undoubtedly, white – the king of wedding colours!

Though recently white has been facing a keen rivalry of its “cousin” – ivory.  Get inspired by ivory and white wedding stationery here. More and more brides opt for ivory wedding gowns, ivory stationery and other elements of wedding decor. Thus, we have a potent claimant to the throne. The intrigue becomes exciting, don’t you think? Visit wedding forums and you will see the signs of their competition: each color has their supporters and adversaries, so both camps exchange frank views. It’s difficult to stay impartial considering these two.

To select the winner, let’s see the cons. and pros. of each colour:


+ is regarded as traditional, i.e. safe choice for those who wants to be classic and classy at the same time;

+ try to say “timeless purity” – it is definitely the white colour that comes to mind. White can convey chastity, purity, innocence and freshness as any other colour, staying the most popular choice for solemnt wedding ceremonies;

+ White tolerates almost all colours (either warm or cool)! It allows us to create endless variety of colour combinations, that will be unique and impressive;

– those, who regard white as dull and formal try to avoid this ” pillar of tradition”.


+ those who love the change can opt for ivory to substitute “boring white” without fear of being too eccentric;

+ this subtle colour has quite a few shades, ranging from off-white up to almost champagne, everyone can find his/her complementary hue;

+ is associated with luxury, opulence and refined elegance. We love this colour for its magical ability to give any detail an imposing imperial look;

+ is easily combined with natural lace, that makes it the favorite base colour for vintage weddings;

+ ivory gives a softer look to those having a pale complexion and cannot put on the chalk white wedding gown;

– being a warmer hue of white, ivory can be combined with warm part of the colour spectrum only – cool tones make it look “dirty”.

We hope this comparison will be helpful, the crucial argument that will ultimately determine the winner is your choice. Either ivory or white, this colour shall make your occasion unforgettable and unique.