Wedding Palette

Wedding Palette – TOP 5 mistakes and how to avoid them


I’ve encountered quite a few mistakes in the selection of wedding palette. To make your perfect choice of colours & hues, I prepared top 5 mistakes that I often came across in wedding decoration. Let’s see what the most blatant colour mistakes are.

Choosing your wedding palette, take into consideration decor and colour scheme of your banquet hall interior. If you have chosen a classic restaurant with red carpets and gold accents, the yellow/lilac colour palette will be definitely out of place, as these colours do not create harmonious combinations. If your venue is decorated in Provence style, i.e. predominant colours are pastels of beige, green, purple and definitely white, your wedding palette of vivid turquoise, red, yellow and other vibrant colours will look inappropriately in such delicate interior design! However, it doesn’t mean that your wedding palette should simply coincide with the colour scheme of your vernue. SOLUTION: Consider the colours of your venue or select the venue, which interior complies with your wedding theme/palette or the banquet hall with neutral interior (no bright accents). The ideal neutral interior for the wedding is performed in beige and white shades.

Each of us has an individual colour perception. When you explain your wedding planner, florist or wedding designer the desired colours, many of us make a mistake, when we settle with the names of colours, not the samples. Especially with regards to hues and sublte shades of the same colour. It is not enough to show your favorite colours on the screen, since various screens may show the colours in the different way. SOLUTION: Ask for visualization! The cheapest visualization can always be done with the help of bits of fabric, colored cardboard.


I am sure that choosing the wedding palette is one of the most captivating, crucial but at the same time laborious processes. There are plenty of ideas on how to decorate the wedding, what are the trendy colour palettes of the season and other tips on choosing the best colour scheme for the wedding. All this information totally captivates the couples, making them waste their time and get lost in illusions. If you haven’t taken your decision in time, be ready to have sume crazy rush searching for the your wedding decor, attire, etc. It is especially true, if you opt for something ingenious. SOLUTION: Set a DEADLINE! While you are planning the wedding, set a date when you should take a final decision on the wedding palette. Since all dreams and brilliant ideas need time to turn them into reality, that is quite difficult to achieve without the colour palette.

It’s a quite common situation for a wedding planner. You decide that your wedding decor should have a total white look with sprinkles of some other colour, but these colored accents turn out to be so tiny that they are completely lost in the total white background. Another common mistake: you give preference to any of pastel hues, applying this colour to everything starting from textiles to flowers and wedding stationery, bridesmaids’ dresses and their bouquets. And finally it turns out that you got very dull general look, where all the details become indistinguishable, on the photos and in reality. SOLUTION: Selecting your wedding palette, don’t forget the contrasting colour pairs. Try to imagine the general look and keep in mind that all details of the decor shouldn’t be of the same colour. Add the contrast, using the hues of your basic colour or 2-3 complementary colours. BUT! Be careful, as overuse of contrasting colours may spoil the general look as well.

It is another common mistake! Unfortunately, not all colour solutions are suitable when it comes to the wedding attire. Some colours look ridiculous, some are not good for you, others can completely overshadow you. SOLUTION: Choosing your wedding palette keep in mind that it should harmonize with your wedding dress. Depending on your hair colour, eyes colour and skin tone you will define the best complementary colours of your bridal wear. Don’t forget about your bridesmaids, when you decide on their dresses colour.
I hope these tips will be helpful, wherever you plan your perfect wedding!