Wedding Instagram hashatag

Unique wedding hashtags for Instagram


Owing to upheaval and growing popularity of Insagram people have got an opportunity to share their pictures with not only friends and relatives, but with the audience all over the world. Why not widen the opportunties of this social media for your wedding, using wedding hasgtags? We offer you a couple of ideas, that will help to make your Instagram archive of wedding pictures versatile and picturesque:

1. Invent your own hasgtag and mark all pictures of wedding preparation and your wedding ceremony. The hashtag may include your last name (#smithswedding), the bride and groom’s names (#kathieandstevewedding), the wedding date (#smiths24092016), your wedding site address (#smithsweddingcouk), you may use any word, pertaing to your couple (#romannie). Try to invent a unique hasgtag, avoid using capitals and division symbols, since such hashtag printing takes more time as comparede with lowcase writing. No dobts division marks will make your hashtag more remarkable and readable, but many guests won’t spare time to put photos under such hasgtag.
2. Inform your wedding hashtag to all freinds and wedding guests, thus they will put pictures from your wedding into Insagram directly on your wedding day. You may make beautiful plates with your wedding hasgtag and put them as a decoration elements in various places, as a reminder to your guests. For example, somwhere around the wedding venue, near wedding table, on the way to the church.
3. Using the Instagram pictures of your friends and guests, you can make a slide-show at the end of the wedding reception. Besides, after the wedding you’ll get the full digital album with pictures of your big day. Made by different people with various style of pictures taking – these photos will be a wonderfull alternative/or complement to the professional wedding photo-shooting.
Besides creating personal Instagram photo album of your wedding, you may get like and subscribers to your Instagram, using not only your unique hashatag, but also other popular wedding hashtags: #wedding, #ourwedding, #celebration, #weddingday, #bride, #groom, #brideandgroom, #justmarried, #romanticwedding, #mybigday etc. These hashtags will attract visitors to your Instagram page, thus making your special occasion a true media event!