Wedding in the wood.

Wedding in the wood – the unity with the nature.


Wedding in the wood

Prior to wedding planning think of the wedding style to which you are really inclined. Maybe you like everything natural and nature-based? If it’s about you, opt for a wedding in the wood. Such solution would be the best one for you. Such wedding is a real fairy tale where you can feel yourself heroes. Wedding in the wood is something fresh, new, inexperienced. We prepared some tips to help you in organizing the woods wedding ceremony. Please visit Polina Perri website to find some tips and findings for fairy tale weddings.

Wedding in the wood – cons and pros.

If you are absolutely all set on making the woods wedding, you need to consider a few details and weigh all cons and pros. First of all, you need to pick a proper woodland location that should be situated not far from the road to assure an easy access to the destination point. Remember, your guests won’t be pleased if you get them too deep in the woods. The best woods location to host a wedding celebration is a glade, surrounded by trees. The glade shall provide sufficient space for your wedding ceremony, reception and even dancing. Note that the presence of insects can become a very unpleasant surprise! Their number increases as you go deeper in the woods. So, it’s better to protect yourselves and your guests and check the insect factor of your wood location in advance and select the place where it is minimal (and, of course, to prepare repellents).
Probably the most serious drawback of the wedding on the nature is that not all your guests have the same level of fondness for nature and fresh air, some of them are not so untamed and would require a certain level of comfort. Don’t let it slip away of your attention, however, that wedding in the woods is first and foremost your occasion, your special day, and it’s up to you to decide how to organize your festivities.

Woods is an endless inspiration source for wedding décor ideas.


In the woods you may find a wide choice of natural accessories to decorate your wedding. First of all, it’s the abundance of flowers. You can make wild flowers bouquet for the bride as well as to get the wild florals for the wedding table decoration. Use small branches of trees to make a decorative “nest’ for your wedding rings. Stubs can serve as stools for your wedding photo shoot. The main idea is to look for something new and unique, the forest gladly shares its riches to those who can see its charming beauty.
The bride and groom’s style for the woods wedding
Wedding in the wood presents a wonderfully opportunity to use your creativeness to the full scale, especially whet it comes to the bridal look. Feel yourself a real forest fairy! You can get a tailored wedding gown decorated with embroidery and gems – and you will look like a princess! Your groom can wear a costume of a woodsman or Robin Hood. Don’t be afraid of looking a bit funny, these unusual wedding wear will give a twist to your celebration.
However, if you prefer more classical wedding wear, the bride can pick put on a romantic sleak and long wedding gownm and the groom may wear a suit of complementary colours.
Charming accent for the bride a hair wreath made of natural flowers! This hairpiece will be a delicate accent that makes you look so nature-like and sweet. Floral crowns looks especially stunning with curls or waves on the loose hair. It adds even more tenderness to your look.
Wedding photo shoot ideas
Wedding in the woods is the original idea by itself. You don’t need to make any special efforts to get stunning shots. Fairy tale trees with their huge centuries-old trunks, tender birch groves and thicket.