Trendy wedding jewelry

Trendy wedding jewelry


Nowadays fashion-forward brides have endless choice of trendy wedding jewelry: necklaces, collars, wristlets, earrings and rings. In this variety of beautiful things it is difficult to make the right choice. Keep in mind that wedding jewelry is ment to highlight the bride’s beauty and charm, not to outshine her with its glitz. Don’t forget that all pieces of wedding jewelry should match the wedding gown. Extensive tips on the current topic could be found at this source

Wedding Ring

Neddless to state that the most important part of wedding stationery are wedding rings. The majory of modern jewelry companies offer ready sets of matching style rings for bride and groom: these can be made of white gold, trendy rose gold, use traditional models or extra-modern trends. Choose the ring you want to wear all the time, taking into consideration its comfort and overall look. You should love it and to not get tired after years of wearing! Besides, you the jewelry shops provide engraving services to get an intimate message on the inside surface (to be seen only to you).
Once your wedding rings are chosen, you may give attention to unique jewelry that will match your bridal look.

What is that trendy jewelry that helps to create unique bridal look?

Let’s consider the vintage-inspired jewelry first – currently being so popular among brides. Vintage jewelry is represented with multi-tiered necklaces and wristlets, made of rhinestones, beads, crystals and decorative plumage. Such jewelry creates refined and romantic vintage look.┬áDon’t forget jewelry from your grandma’s chest. Though for someone these pieces of your family jewelry may lack modern flair, it will definitely add original and appealing touch. Besides, its warmth and enegry of true family story will give a bride extra protection and energy in such a crusial day.
Among all the nowadays tendencies and trends, special focus should be on the jewelry coordinating with the Empire wedding gowns. Delicate gowns with high-waist skirt, the graceful beauty of which can be highlited with light, elegant jewelry, became very popular amoung our brides over recent years. A bride, choosing this style, looks very graceful and refined. And an elegant collet, that oulines the neckline of the wedding gown, creates a look of a real Greek goddess.
The Empire style implies not only the collet, but matching earrings to keep the bride’s weddig look consistent. The two-piece jewelry suite, comprising a bead collar, covering the neckline zone, and a wristlet of the same design will add a final touch to your Empire wedding look.
Coosing wedding jewelry, keep in mind that it should match the overall style of the bride. Here you can experiment with any jewelry style that is compatible with the notion of good taste.