Mexican Wedding

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Mexican Wedding

Mexican Wedding

The dominant religion in Mexico is Catholicism. That’s why, at a first glance, Mexican wedding ceremonies should not be that different to the traditional weddings of other Catholic countries. Indeed, Mexican women get married wearing traditional white wedding gown and observe other traditions. Nevertheless, there are differences. For example, the bride uses dense veil and mantilla (the mantle that covers the head). Spanish mantilla is made of lace and is decorated with intricate edging. A mantilla gives very soft and romantic look to any bride. Wedding dresses are often multi-layered, decorated with ruffles and ruches, and accompanied with bright accessories. The influence of Spanish style is still strong.

Popular wedding jewelry is massive silver earrings and red gardenia in hair. Never the Mexican bride puts on pearls on the wedding day. In Mexican culture pearls symbolize tears; pearls are believed to bring bad luck.

Some brides opt for a bolero jacket paired with a simple wedding dress, or flamenco style. Sometimes they wear summer dresses with open shoulders on drawstrings, embroided with bright florals. This wedding wear was used starting there are 600 years, and you can see it in Mexico now.

Aztec, Maya and other ingenious peoples of this country were wearing skirts of bright colours and blouses made of cotton or cactus-based fabric.

Grooms are wearing the traditional matador tire during the wedding ceremony. Some of them give preference to ivory trousers combined with a Mexican shirt. Such groomswear is especially popular in coastal areas, where beach weddings are popular. But, despite this trend in fashion, bright shirts were the part of the traditional groom’s wear 200 years ago.

Mexican Wedding -

Mexican Wedding

Bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed in accordance with the bride and groom’s dress style. It’s not infrequent when they put on a simplified version of the wedding gown/ groom’s suit respectively.

No Mexican wedding can do without wide known, popular and delicious Mexican cuisine. The Mexican wedding menu would definitely feature spicy rice, various bean dishes, flat bread and a variety of chicken and beef plates. The most famous and delicious Mexican beverage is “sangria” – sweetened cocktail made of wine, cognac, fruit juice and soda.

As a rule the Mexicans reverently keep their family traditions. All women of a family are engaged in cooking for a wedding table, using the family cooking recipes. These recipes are carefully preserved and transmitted to descendants.

The wedding ceremony itself may be confined to the Catholic mass, it may include, however, the Aztec ceremony. Alike other countries of the world, may children are present and take part in the wedding ceremony. A little girl shall be “Mardina de Ramo”, who presents a special bouquet to the Virgin Mary. It is a Catholic tradition.

There is a peculiar Mexican wedding ceremony: 13 coins that should be divided between the bride and groom. It is an old Roman custom. It symbolizes the groom’s trust and his loyalty to the bride. These coins are often kept in special decorative cases and are transmitted to descendants.

Thus, Mexican wedding blends the elements of different cultures and each family decides what appeals to them.