Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Laser cut wedding invitations – filigree beauty of the paper lace


Add a sheer touch of class to your big event with a flawless charm of the paper lace of immaculate Love Tree design!

The ageless aesthetics united in a harmonious combination with the modern technologies allowed to create the astonishing laser cut designs.

What’s the secret of the popularity of laser invitations? The laser cutting technique provides the patterning accuracy and allows to transmit the complex patterns and the smallest details with a minimum mechanical action, therefore, almost without deformation. The focused laser beam, controlled by the computer, allows to cut practically any material. The cutting profile after laser is flat and the adjacent surface is not damaged, thus the product does not require the complementary processing. The weave is cut so delicately that you perceive by feel the filigree texture of lace, not paper.

The headliner of this article, Love Tree design, will guarantee the ultimate wow-factor among your guests with the sophisticated laser cut pattern of the case, complemented with a subtle touch of a white glitter.

Apart from the fascinating laser cut cases, these wedding invitations feature amazing inserts with the shimmering blush coating, gilded edging and impressive density of 6 mm!

Because of the high thickness of the insert, the print is carried by means of the hot gold foil stamping. Videlicet, the foil stamping machine uses the heat to transfer metallic foil to a solid surface, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the dye. Such selection of a printing process, in conjunction with the exquisite gilt framing, assures that your cards will embody the modest elegance.

A lovely tiny tag with a symbolic image of the Love Tree is another highlight of this invitation kit. The tag is affixed to the laser cut case with a slim satin ribbon. This delicate accessory can be personalized with the intricate wedding monogram, date or venue of the forthcoming ceremony, guest names or other important details which you would like to emphasize.

The stunning beauty of the suite is supplemented by the exceptional volumetric envelopes, covered with a luster finish. The back flap of every envelope is decorated with the gold foil printed Love Tree symbol which maintains the general idea of the set.

If you search a perfect wedding invitation reflecting your style, the Love Tree wedding invitation suite will certainly meet your expectations. Accurate laser cut details complemented with the gold foil accents will wow your guests and emphasize your genuine taste!