Day Before Wedding

Day before wedding – tips for brides


Things to be done a day before wedding:

The day before wedding is as a rule, full of stress, nerves and fuss. Thsi moment you may forget the simpliest. eelmentary things you’ve never accented your attention before. However, if you don’t want to recollect suddenly that you missed to do something crucial and find out, for example, that you forgot to your ID for the civil marriage registration, we recommend these simple and useful tips:

1. Keep the diet

Prefer fresh fruits and vegetable, avoid fats and spicy food. Keep in mind your personal stomach preferences and avoid any food that may spoil your wedding day (if, for example, diery products provoke indisgestion or beans – flatulence). More detail of wedding diet you may find online. We highly recommend drink a lot of water to hydrate your body, as it helps to keep your good shape in this stressful situation. That’s why drink small portions but as often as you can. Remember that juices, soda and other drinks (tea, coffee) do not substitute water.

2. Prepare all neccessary documents in advance.

Put your ID and other relevant documents in the wedding bag in advance.

3. Forget about social media

Nowadays it’s become very popular to inform literally every step of thr wedding preparationm that entails discussion in the social media. But the day before wedding try to forget about it. Messages of your friends with enquieries may distract you from making important things. Remember, that your premium aim is to calm down, and endless discussions in social media won’t help you, on the contrary.

4. Make your wedding bag ready.

Think about things you may need on your wedding day, compile a list of all neccessary items. If you don’t have something, buy it now to avoid sending your bridemaid or relatives to the pharmacy or other shop.

5. Talk to your bridesmaid.

Make a call to your bridesmaid to discuss important details of preparation and wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to check the schedule to make sure no one is late for your wedding ceremony.

6. Try on your wedding shoes.

Your feet need time to feel comfortable in new footware. If you haven’t put your wedding shoes before, it’s high time you did it! Walk in the house, try even dancing wearing them!

7. Write a romantic letter to your groom.

A day before wedding is a perfect time to write warm, romantic message to your beloved one! You may describe your feelings of love, care, romance, your anticipation to become his wife and care about him. This personal attention costs dear!

8. Think over gratitude speech consacrated your guets, that you are going to pronounce on your wedding reception.

At the end of the wedding reception the newlyweds make a speech to honour the guests, so it’s better to write in advance. if you lack the time to write something original, simply compile a plan of what you are going to say and who you are going to mention in your gratitude speech.

9. Take a walk.

An evening before wedding take a slow walk with your groom. Try to avoid any conflict themes and discuss only pleasant moments of the forthcoming event. Such an intimate atmoshere will calm down you both and make your sure evering is going the right way.
10. Relax before going to sleep.
Before going to sleep, make relaxing excercises or short session of meditation. Take a bed with your favorite essential oils composition or bubble, listed to slow, relaxing music. We recommend going to bad 2-3 hours earlier than usual. If you are afraid of getting insomnic this night, dring herbal tea that takes away all stresses of the wedding preparation.