10 Ideas For Spring Wedding

10 Ideas For Spring Wedding

Lovely Pink Floral Wedding Invitations

Spring is a special season – nature awakens, bringing a unique freshness and giving the warmth of the first sunny days. We, at Croft’s, are happy to suggest 10 ideas for a spring wedding, which will help to emphasize the charm of your special event and make the celebration unforgettable.

1. Tulips

Bright colors and budget price make the symbol of the season ideal for wedding decor and bridal bouquet. A variety of shades, smooth or “ragged” edge of the petals – apart from the standard yellow, red and pink buds, there are dozens of species of tulips. You can use them solo or in combination with other flowers.

2. Lilac

Gorgeous lilac appears closer to the end of spring, so keep it in mind, if your wedding is in May. Lilac is so self-sufficient that if you want, you can manage without other flowers in the design and wedding bouquet.

3. Nature Inspired Wedding

The open air wedding is customary in the summer, when the weather surprises the least. But in spring such celebration is the most desired, as everyone is tired of seating indoors. Perhaps, you do not want to spend the whole wedding outdoors, but think about at least a photo shoot or an outdoor registration.

4. Lounge Zone

Spring wedding gives a wonderful opportunity to organize an outdoor lounge zone. The lounge can be decorated in a classic style or in the style of your wedding. Arrange a place where your guests can sit and relax, have a drink of wine – put sofas or benches, small tables and lamps.

5. Photo Shoot in Blooming Garden

Spring wedding allows to organize a stunning photo shoot in the garden, as everything is in blossom. Discuss that with your photographer and choose the best place and time to take the pictures.

7. Greenery

Greenery should be the main color in the spring wedding palette. This color relates to balance and harmony.

8. Flowers in Accessories

After a long winter, the excess of flowers is justified everywhere – on guests’ tables, in the registration area and, of course, in accessories. Flower wreath on the head, clutch and bride’s shoes with flowers will come in handy. Perfect rose wedding invitations will add the delicate charm to your special event.

9. Flower Invitations

Which invitations will be suitable for a spring wedding? The floral ones will help to convey the spirit of celebration and the time of the year. There are a lot of design options: from the pastel half-washed watercolor petals to minimalistic graphics.

10. Flower Gifts for Guests

Petite bouquets, flowers in mini-vases or even flowers in pots will be more creative than sweet gifts and help to move away from a stereotyped favors.